Monday, March 23, 2009

What??? A Post???

It's been months. December came and went. Birthdays, holiday parties, Christmas, and New Years rolled through like a hurricane. It was longingly anticipated and before we knew it, the only sign of it's arrival was the destruction left behind; wrapping paper, confetti, toys and a few extra pounds.

January wasn't much different, more birthdays celebrated and more food consumed. I took a trip to Arizona to get my house on the market....this was my guise anyway....I was planning on visiting with friends, laying in the sunshine and taking runs on the canal! Sadly, I worked incredibly hard, painting, working in the yard, and putting on the finishing touches, leaving no time for fun. I was disappointed that I didn't get to see everyone but my hard work paid off. My house was sold within three days of being listed. To ward of the winter doldrums, Thomas started playing indoor soccer every Saturday with Daddy. We rewarded his weekly success with a pancake breakfast afterward. It was just as much fun for him as it was for us.

February brought a snow storm, many fires and lots of home made chili. In case you weren't aware Thomas would let you know that the fire is hot! He became quite the educator. Valentines Day was filled with hugs, kisses, cards that made noises, a fire engine puzzle. Brent and I were treated with free babysitting so we wasted no time. We headed out to an afternoon movie and splurged on an early dinner

March came in like a lion, complete with a six inch snow storm. It was fabulous. Our first big snow. Brent had to work remotely, schools were canceled, more than one driveway shoveling was required and the sled came out. Thomas preferred manual labor. He chose to work vigorously with his miniature shovel over a fun ride down the hill in our sled. He certainly isn't a dare devil, a trait I think I will appreciate when he is a teenager. Soccer has ended and the grass has started to turn green. The buds are starting to sprout on the trees and the flowers are peaking through. The weather is becoming more beautiful and the extra daylight is invigorating. Thomas is already outside as much as I will allow. He is getting so big, 21 months in April. More words are attempted everyday...I think he is incredibly smart but I'm his mommy. I enjoy every minute with him, he is magical.

We have been house hunting for a month. It's time for us to settle into our own space and create a home for Thomas. Living with my parents has been amazing. They are such a huge help, I am not sure what I will do without them. I am a bit nervous about it, actually. Thomas is very attached to Pop. They eat cereal together every morning and he welcomes him home at night. Grandma chases him around the house and takes him out to the driveway every Monday to see the trash truck. It's a wonderful relationship. We will miss their company but we won't be far and plan on making weekly sleepovers.

Our new house is in Severna Park. Ten minutes away from Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay. We are a few miles away from the water and the Baltimore Annapolis Trail is in our backyard, literally. It's four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms and a half finished basement (eventually we finish it completely). We are excited to move in this June!

Brent and I just returned from Vegas. He had a business trip and I joined him later in the week. We spent the weekend eating, drinking, sitting by the pool, playing some craps, and watching the games. It refreshed me. I came back ready to be an energetic Mom and wife. Even a short trip can do wonders!

I promise to post more frequently. I feel like life has settled down a little, at least for the next two months. Here are some latest pictures of T!