Monday, October 20, 2008

Chapter One

Every three weeks T and I head to the library. It is often a two man operation. My Mom is frequently in tow to provide supervision as I search the stacks for books. It takes a little time as I try to find ones that T will like and aren't too wordy. I look until my bag is full and my shoulder can't take it anymore. It isn't abnormal for us to come home with thirty or forty books.

My mom and I read to him daily. Not only is someone snuggling him in the morning telling a fabulous story with pictures that jump off the page but I read to him before his nap and bedtime. Perhaps, it's my sound effects (which truly are far from good) or the fact that I point to the objects he knows but he loves it. One book is never enough.

Two or three times a day I am re-stacking the books that were once piled in a corner. I have them available should the mood strike and often it does. He slides all the books around, picks his favorite and turns the pages, sitting quietly looking at the pictures. It is such a sight.

I try to different books before he goes to sleep. Reading the same book is too redundant and I'd like to think I am exposing him to new things, words, and images. Although, he definitely has his favorites. When T was a baby I read that a night time routine is essential...bath, book, bed. Llama Llama Red Pajama was what we read every single night, a sign that sleep was soon to follow (it's all about repetition when they are itty bitty). It is an absolute must have for parents and has become one of his favorites. Are You My Mother is the other (it's a long one but he loves it) and I would say my Truck Is Stuck is a close third.

I only get about three pages into a new library book and he yelps for one of his favorites. Each night he seems to let me get in one more page. Eventually, I can get through a whole book and he will start to pick them. It's kinda nice to only have to read one "favorite" book a night instead of three.

I always wondered why Moms only let their child/ren take home one or two books from the library, three if they are lucky. I love that T has a choice and can have a different one three times a day if he wants. He can learn about trucks, dinosaurs, animals and school buses all in the same hour. I love watching him lay on the floor and look at the pictures...wondering if he hears my voice telling the story in his head. I love that it's free and we can go back everyday if we wanted. I hope his love continues for many many years.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Arizona People

I wish we were going to be in Arizona on the 25th of October. I know just how we would spend our evening. Grandma Donna would be available to babysit and Brent and I would head out on a much needed date! Our first stop would be an early dinner at Sushi Brokers. Eating early at this great restaurant not only allows to you to capitalize on Happy Hour pricing and get a table without waiting but it leaves you with plenty of time for a second activity later on! After we have been stuffed with fresh fish and spicy wasbi we would enjoy the night sitting under the stars, listening to this great artist and supporting a family in need. I am not sure you can get more romantic.

Although, I am sure this concert will be fantastic it will also be a bit sad. This amazing Mom and Dad are recovering from 3rd degree burns after surviving a plane crash in August. They have the most beautiful children (who are being taken care of by Nie's sisters in Utah) two of which will be there and perform. I wish I could be there to see it. I have come to admire them, especially Nie. Reading her blog inspires me to be a better Mom and a better person. I am anxiously awaiting her posts once she is able, in the meantime I re-read her blog taking something different with me each time.

Maybe some of our Arizona friends can make it and fill our shoes....I'm sure it will be a beautiful night!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pickin some punkins!

It's already the middle of October and T will be fifteen months old in a matter of days. The time truly flies by. We have been busy enjoying the fall. It will be a few more weeks before the leaves really start to change color and the weather stays in the 60's/70's for more than three days in a row. Tomorrow is supposed to be 80 but the displayed Halloween decorations help reinforce the season.

Last week the three of us spent the afternoon at Homestead Farms. It was great, a true farm, just like I remembered. The hayride took us out to the pumpkin patch. Pumpkins attached to vines were everywhere. Perfectly round and bright orange, prime for picking. The three of us found the best ones; two big, for Mommy and Daddy and a small white one for T. I was so happy to be there! I loved being with my boys and establishing our family traditions together. Showing Brent that there is more to Halloween than buying a very expensive pumpkin at a gas station was pretty great too. He was impressed by the farm and was shocked that pumpkins really aren't that expensive outside of the desert!

After our pumpkins were selected we visited the little petting zoo and touched the cow, goats and looked at the chickens. With our wheel barrel and bucket in tow we we moved on to the Apple Orchard. I picked several different types of apples and have enough to make apple crisp, apple bread, and feed T an apple or two a day. Brent was busy chasing T down the row and T was busy throwing apples. After plenty of exercise we checked out with apples, cider, pumpkins and smiles. We had a great time together!

This past Saturday we went to the Colorfest, a festival about 30 minutes away. It was the 45th Anniversary and something I went to as a child. It has changed over the years to be a huge attraction. There are more booths than ever and food vendors offer more than just hot chocolate and pancakes (nothing like an apple dumpling at 10:30am). Thomas played on the playground tunneled by large maple trees and Brent and Grandpa supervised. My mom and I walked around looking at the crafts and art work. We didn't buy anything but it was fun to be out! It's a good thing we went early, people were everywhere and it wasn't long before the town was filled with festival chaos.

Today I ran to the mall while Daddy was home to watch T. I think I could use a full 12 hours there. Not only do I need winter clothes for the entire family but I need to restock my closet with some clothes that fit! If only money grew on trees! I know it would certainly make my fabulous hubby happy!

Hoping we get a few more weekends with beautiful weather so I can finish out the farm/festival season with a bang!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Wasn't Kidding!!

These are pictures from yesterday's afternoon outside activities!

The deer are so fun for Thomas to see. Mom hates them cause they eat everything but it's great for him! They honestly have no fear and you can see that T can get pretty close before they go darting off. Once I point them out he can't get there fast enough. It's so cute to see his little legs move so quickly!