Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkey Day!

We had a great Thanksgiving and not just one! My sister had to work on Thursday so we celebrated a little early. The Saturday before we hosted 9 people at our house. This was my first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner. After a lot of planning and a few days of work it all came together. I have to say it came out pretty great! I was really pleased with everything and look forward to hosting for many years to come! We had lots of food and wine and enjoyed each others company!

On Thursday we went to my Aunt's house and spent some time with my Mom's side of the family. It is always a large crowd but that is what makes it special. I have so many fond memories of our holidays as a child. My Mom's seven brothers and sisters would gather at our house for dinner, with their children in tow. Often there would be thirty people in one house. Although, it could be chaotic at times I remember visiting, eating great food, sitting in front of the fire watching football, and playing with my cousins. I know it was a lot of work for my Mom but I greatly appreciate the sacrifice she made for the sake of family and memories. The location may have changed as my Mom passed the baton to her younger siblings but I am still able to experience this fabulous tradition and now can include Thomas. I hope he too will look back on these times fondly. He did have a fabulous time. I didn't see him the whole night. He played with his cousins (who are older but still fascinated with him) and chased the dog! I'm not even sure he took two minutes to eat!

The rest of our weekend was spent as a family. We didn't do much, got out some Christmas decorations, went to swim lessons, and watched lots of movies, leaving us with lots to catch up on. The holidays are quickly approaching and I feel myself scrambling already! I can't believe we only have three weeks till Christmas! T can't wait!