Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall 2009

Pile of Pumpkins

Taking Them Out

Putting Them In Someone Else's Wheel Barrel

My Bed

We have moved from the chair to the bed, my bed. He is almost two and half after all. I guess I can't expect him to sit on my lap forever. I have to admit it was becoming a tight fit. He is picking out more and more books and there just isn't room for the two of us and all that reading material! Now, books are read under the covers in my bed. I don't mind, it allows me to snuggle better. Most nights our heads are touching we are so close and I find myself in less of a hurry. I don't mind when he point to EVERY object on the page waiting for me to tell him what it is even though he already knows. After we have gone through the pile (and he knows if you miss one) I beg him to sleep with me in my bed. He always laughs and says "No Thomas' bed". Within seconds he is off and running, so proud that he can climb the rails of the crib and dive head first into the bed, literally. I give him a head start and then always ask how he got in. He grins from ear to ear. It's amazing how the little things give both of us so much pleasure.

I figure it's preparation for his big boy bed. Eventually, that is where we will read at night and this just gives him one less thing to adjust to. Hopefully, Santa will bring him a new room! As much as I hate to admit it, it may be time :) I just cannot believe he is growing up so fast. I hope to be laying next to him reading books for many many years to come.