Monday, September 29, 2008

You want to go out....again??

We didn't do anything this weekend, literally. My parents were out of town so we had the house to ourselves. I guess between that and the weather vegetating was inevitable. It rained off and on which kept us from going anywhere really fun but allowed us to wander the neighborhood with T.

Thomas would be outside all day long if we allowed it. Normally, by 8:30am he is bringing you his shoes which are by the front door. He maneuvers his way onto your lap so you can put them on and signs please. It is just too precious and I immediately reward him for being so smart, we are outside in a matter of minutes. We walk the street, pick up acorns and leaves, and chase the squirrels. It not long before we move on to throwing a ball, pushing him on his "bike" and carrying around newspapers that were thrown on our neighbors driveways (I put them back). A few times a week we walk to the top of the circle to see the kids meet the school bus. T waits at the stop and watches intensely as they get in line to board. I wonder what he is thinking, I'm sure it's something like "Boy, those big kids are lucky". Going in is always traumatic. He is never ready so it isn't long before he is repeating the process that ushers us out the door. I don't mind. I'd go exploring with him any day and I'm happy he is so inquisitive.

I have wondered what we would do if we were living in Arizona. I heard yesterday it was 105, way to hot to be out. We miss our friends, family and some aspects of the west but overall, I'm happy we are here. The weather is beautiful and fall is quickly approaching. It's one of my favorite seasons. The leaves are starting to change color and puddle on the ground. I'm looking forward to it getting a little cooler, a crisp morning is so refreshing!

I am really excited about creating some great memories in the next couple weeks! Our weekends are just jammed packed, full of fun things! There are some fabulous Oktoberfests in the area and wonderful family owned farms. I can't wait to go pick apples, visit the pumpkin patches, take hayrides, and drink hot cider! I'd also like to squeeze in a scenic drive into the mountains. I know Brent would love to see all the trees and colors of the leaves. It truly is a masterpiece. Hopefully, it will only rain during the week :)

Do We Look Alike?

Three and a half generations of Wenning's
September visit with GG! Always great to see her!

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Finally Here!

Yesterday, was the start of a great week! Finally, my television shows will premier. I know I am a total dork but I get super excited about it. I sat down with the TV guide and highlighted everything that I want to either view or tivo so I don't miss a thing! I just look forward to mindless entertainment after a long day and it's another sign that fall is just around the corner.

The Emmy's kicked if off last night. Brent thinks those shows are excruitating to watch but I like to see who wins, what shows are nominated and who looks stunning. There were quite a few beauties last night! I really liked Brooke Shields dress and thought Mariska Hargitay looked fantastic. Christina Applegate had too much black eye make up on and it ruined it for me, Marcia Cross has me on the fence and Eva Longoria good very well be pregnant. Overall the show had it's ups and downs. The beginning monologue wasn't great and of course they ran out of time, rushing everyone at the end. I wonder if they ever learn. We topped off the night with True Blood on HBO. Great new series. I hate waiting seven days between eposides.

Tonight's schedule makes my husband happy, more so than me. Hero's has been long awaited and Terminator is a new love. I think my shows will take a back seat (Dancing with the stars is entertaining and Boston Legal is hysterical). Honestly, I don't mind. Brent can have one day to control the remote and it makes good use of the Tivo. Tomorrow's highlight is The Biggest Looser. I just think that show is fantastic. The transformations are amazing and every time Gillian is on I get motivated to go lift weights. I wish I could have her body, she is so buff.

I won't bore you with the weekly agenda but in the days ahead Fringe, House, Gray's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, The Office, Samantha Who, Damages, Eli Stone, 90210 and the Worst Week will all be coming to prime time and to my family room. I hope all of you can find some time to cozy up on the couch!

Monday, September 15, 2008

It's Monday Already....

I am not sure who thought two days was sufficient. They must not have had a family. The weekends are simply too short. Our time with Brent should be longer, five days seems more appropriate. His work week often calls for long hours and we do not see much of him. We miss him, Thomas and I. The weekends allow us to catch up, be together. Saturday the three of us went to the pool. I am not sure who loves it more, Thomas or Brent. Thomas has no fear. He would walk right off the side if he could. He lays on his back and kicks. He turns his head to the side as if taking a breath in the middle of a freestyle stroke and jumps off the ledge. Brent loves carrying him around the pool, wading in and out of the waterfalls and taking him down this HUGE water slide. It makes my heart stop but I know he wouldn't let anything happen to him. I think more than anything Brent loves seeing how he much he has changed over five work days.

Saturday night Brent and I had a date. We actually made an attempt to get out of our "playing in the yard with a one year" clothes and look human. We went downtown to DC and had an amazing dinner at Oceanaire (coming to Phoenix soon). It was so great to be with my husband, have a glass of wine (or two), eat without being interrupted and talk. I'd tell you what we had but it's embarrassing the amount of food ordered and consumed. We didn't hold back, if it sounded good we ordered it and the bill was proof.

It didn't take a night out with my husband to realize how much I love him. It just reinforced it. I am so lucky to have found such a supportive friend to be my partner. He sacrifices for us and never complains. He moved across the country so I could be closer to my family, leaving his. He leaves the house before the sun is up and isn't home until it's down, with a long commute each way. He pays the bills, changes the breaks on the car, and fixes the crib after I break it every other week. He doesn't complain when there is nothing for dinner or when the house looks like a tornado hit.

I'm blessed to have someone who tells me things will be ok and holds my hand, someone who supports my dream to be a stay at home mom, and someone who chooses to be involved. Often giving up X Box, Sunday football games, happy hours, and the gym so he can be at home with his family, changing dirty diapers, chasing, bathing and reading books. He is a great Dad and T adores him. I cannot wait to see the two of them when Thomas is a little older.

He is the greatest and the weekends are not enough.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is It Nap Time Yet?

I've been in kind of a funk lately. No reason in particular. Could be that my recent hair cut didn't turn out how I had envisioned. Could be that I miss my girlfriends. Could be that my life is a little disorganized. As Thomas grows more clothes fill the closets and more toys are thrown though out the house. Our space seems to get more cluttered and our room a dumping ground. I don't want to get too settled (set up a desk, file cabinet etc.) because I hope a move is in our future, why set up just to have to pack it and move it? However, for the sake of my sanity I may have to do something....soon. Although, this all seems trivial during "the best part of the day".

The best part of the day is putting T down for his naps. Not because he will soon be sleeping quietly or because I will have a moment to myself but because I have fifteen minutes to cuddle and appreciate my son.

We have a routine. Upstairs to change his diaper and depending on our morning activities a good wipe down with a wash cloth. His favorite blue blanket and passifier are grabbed from his crib. Immediately, the blanket is pressed into his face and he puts his head on my shoulder. I too can smell the sweet sent that is attached to it and love that it provides comfort to us both. We move to the chair (the absolute best purchase we made) and I place him in the crook of my left arm. Nessled in his blanket lays on his chest and he waits for the bottle. I start rocking. As I sway he drinks his milk. He bends his little legs and tries to touch his toes, blanklet in hand. I can't help but think he is amazing, his arms flare in the air and feet rub against the arm of the chair. I think he likes the way the swade feels on his bare feet. I wonder what thoughts are flowing though his head. He is so perfect and we are so lucky.

I notice that each day he seems to get bigger. I dread the day he will no longer fit horizontally in the chair. In the meantime, I kisss his forhead, message his legs and tell him that his momma loves him. The bottle disappears faster than I like. Sometimes, he looks up at me and smiles. I can't help but smile back. He thinks I'm giving him permission to play. It's time for bed, where Big Bird awaits. I lay him in his bed, he stretches out and lets me cover him up. Passifier in place, Big Bird beside him and blue blanket scrunched up in his arms, our quite time is up.

It is during this time, when the house is quiet and it's just us that I forget about everything else. I appreciate what I have been given and remember that many have less. At such a young age T teaches me, puts things in perspective and manages to pull me out of my "funk". What a kid!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day

It was just the three of us this weekend, my parents went to the beach. Our time together started on Friday. Brent was given the day off because he worked a tremendous amount Monday through Thursday. It's nice that he is working for a company that appreciates him and rewards his hard work. Friday afternoon we went to the library. I stocked up on interesting books about trucks, fire engines, airplanes and animals. We have enough books to read a different one every day for a month. Hey, there is no limit and why read the same book a hundred times? It was raining so we ended our day with a Brent Ryan favorite, BBQ pizza from Papa Johns, a beer and a movie.

After feeding T breakfast Saturday morning we headed out for a jog and a look at the ducks. We get our exercise and Thomas is entertained as we run around the lake. I enjoyed it. The weather was perfect and the all the greenery still amazes us. To make sure we had the perfect balance of consumed calories and burned calories we came home and had pancakes by Chef Brent. If you have not experienced Brent's Breakfasts you are missing out! It negated all of our hard work but it was worth it, they were delicious! After T had a nap we headed out to the park. The park was fun but it was more humid and the sun was bright. We didn't stay long, just enough time for T to burn some energy. On the way home we stopped at one of my favorite farms. We got some fresh peaches and sweat corn. Local farms are another attraction that make me love the east. Ripe produce and the smell of the market.....yum.

Sunday was our busiest day of the weekend. We took Thomas to our local Airpark Cafe and had a great breakfast. We sat outside. The weather was beautiful and we had plenty of shade at a prime table. We had a great view of planes taking off and landing. T was in heaven. Airplanes are his favorite. He can hear them miles away while in the house!

This is Thomas' sign for airplane (arm raised, fingers to the sky). A slight variation on the true sign language sign, he is close!

After our bellies were nice and full we headed off to a great park (Cabin John)! It has lots of shade and a big playground for toddlers. T had fun, he climbed and slid and ran. It was perfect. They also had this fabulous little train. We bought our tickets and waited in the station. So cute! While we waited T fell backwards and with nothing to brace his fall he slammed his head into the concrete. I was a few steps away and I heard it. It makes me cringe just thinking about it. It was so loud. He was hysterical and I was panicked. We ran to the car where I had some cold ice packs and attempted to put ice on it (T didn't like that idea). We got him settled down and he seemed to be ok. I wondered if we should head for the hospital but our train was pulling into the station and he was beginning to act like himself. The whole ride I kept looking at his eyes to make sure they weren't dilated and feeling bumps. Our little guy must have a hard head cause he showed no signs of a concussion. The train had T in a trance. I am not sure he knew what it was but it sure had him looking.

Our Labor Day Weekend was ended today with a walk to Einstein's for bagels, some outside play, a little time with the hose and burgers on the grill. I had such a great weekend with my family. We missed Grandma and Grandpa but it was really nice to have the house to ourselves and be together.
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as we enjoyed ours.