Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Bug!

The house hasn't changed a bit, inside at least. We haven't had much time to get stuff done. Although, Brent managed to cut the front bushes and tackled a few trees in our backyard. We pulled weeds and sprayed enough for a landscaper to come and put wood chips under the playground. It looks ten times better and allows T to play there safely. Inside, well, we need to start tackling some projects after vacation. We have picked out some furniture and hope to have that ordered soon. It's time to get the TV's off the floor and make it feel like a home.

For the past eleven days we have been showing Grandma Donna around. We took a tour of the Naval Academy, went to Oregan Ridge Beach, played in Aunt Jen's pool, went to Kinder Farms playground, the National Aquarium, Thomas' little friend Annie's party, shopped for T's birthday, drove over the Bay Bridge, and celebrated my favorite boy's second birthday. In between we ate out at a few great places and played at our house. We have had a lot of fun and T has gotten to spend some good quality time with her.

T had a great second birthday! The celebration started early in the week and I think it has finally come to an end. We have known for a few weeks that we would be making a trip to the aquarium while Grandma was here. He is pretty interested in fish. We allowed him to watch bits and pieces of Nemo in anticipation and over night it became his greatest love. He asks to watch it first thing in the morning, throughout the day, and before he goes to bed (it's limited to 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before bed, much to his dismay). A Nemo birthday was only appropriate! The cake was darling and he loved it. We had Nemo plates, napkins and a special Nemo cup just for him. He even saw "Nemo" and "Dori" at the aquarium and love the sharks.

I cannot believe that he is two. Time has truly flown. Each day I love him more. I am constantly shaking my head in amazement that he has accomplished a new task, learned to say something new, and is more animated. He is my greatest gift and I am thankful everyday.

We are off to the beach on Saturday for two weeks. We can't wait to put our feet in the sand and listen to the waves crash. I know Brent and I won't have much time to relax since T is so active but it will be fun to see how much he loves it this year.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy 4th!

We had a great 4th this year! We took Thomas to his very first baseball game on Friday night. Sitting only a few rows away from the field T had a great view. He watched pretty intently as the players would swing and round the bases. He had his own seat in between Mommy and Daddy and that too provided entertainment. We all had a ballpark hot dog, a long standing tradition that needed to be introduced to Thomas, even if they are horrible for you! With no one next to us, it allowed T to run up and down our row with a little freedom and lured in the people around him. He is so personable and loves getting the attention.

Bottom of the 6th called for a little freedom so we may our way up to the "kids playground". It's a small area with a merry go round, a few carnival games and a moon bounce. Thomas said he wanted to ride so we stood in line and waited for our turn. Brent placed him on a horse and Thomas wasn't so sure riding was a good idea. Daddy managed to reassure him and after it started he was hooked! I shouted his name with every loop and waved. He was all smiles, you could see he was proud of himself!

Saturday morning my parents came over early and we went to the Severna Park Parade. We found a shady spot and parked ourselves on the curb. It was an impressive parade for a small town and long! Lots of fire engines (T's favorite), fancy cars, a few floats with bands, bikes, animals, and The Lone Ranger even lead his horse right up to T and let him pet it.

There was a field filled with activity booths and food. We spent some time checking everything out. Thomas had a really hard time getting off the tractors. I have to say the tractors were fun, they were huge. It took two of to get him up on the seat and back down. He was also able to drive a fire truck too which was a huge hit and visit with real firefighters!

After a long nap for T (which was super rare) we hit my sisters pool. T jumped off the diving board for the first time and was thrown from person to person in the water, literally. He just kept asking for more!

The day was capped off with a wonderful meal. Flank steak, corn on the cob, scalloped potatoes, cole slaw and two amazing strawberry pies for dessert.

It was awesome. We didn't feel rushed or pressured. We just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful weather as a family. Although, we didn't go to the fireworks that night we caught a few glimpses from our front porch! It was such a great day and the perfect way to celebrate our first 4th!