Monday, July 21, 2008

Thomas had his first birthday party yesterday (July 20th) and had a ball!! We had a pretty large group, 20+ adults and 8 kids, all out in the backyard on the hottest day of the year! We may not have been in the desert but we certainly felt like we were in Arizona! You all were with us in spirit and in heat :) While the adults sweated, ate and drank the kids had a fabulous time in the blow up pool and sprinkler. It was so fun to watch them play and explore! T was exhausted by the end of the day but still managed to eat cake for the 1st time!

I will post the pictures of the past four days soon! There are so many, we had a great time with Grandma Donna! It was so nice to have her here, sightseeing was fun and we were so happy that she could be with us to celebrate T's first birthday! It made it extra special!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What Else Can I Get Into?????

Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Weekend Update Etc.

I probably only have a second. Thomas is sitting next to me and is supposed to be eating his lunch. However, since he doesn't like that activity it literally takes about a minute before he decides he is finished. Today, it's chicken with a side of guacamole. It all goes in, he sucks off the good stuff and proceeds to spit out the chicken. Overall, he eats next to nothing but it's apparent that he will share his parent's love of Mexican food. I've added apples and cheerios to the mix but those too fail to spike any interest. Brent and I have tried to revert back to baby food consistency but now that he has discovered his independence he in no way wants you to feed him. I fear that he will follow in his father's picky picky foot steps.

My generally happy boy is incredibly unhappy today. Apparently, the fact that I am not letting him explore absolutely everything, climb on all the furniture, and play with dangerous toys is rubbing him the wrong way. Guess, he isn't all Brent, he has my temperament. I think a trip to the book store for some guidance on how to direct/discipline him is in my future. It is so great when Brent is home on the weekends. It helps tremendously to have two people to switch off and keep him entertained. He is just one of those busy kids that keeps adults on their toes and engaged. I'd take that over a bump on a log any day :)

We had a great weekend. Saturday we went to my sister's house in Annapolis. They have a house on the cape. She and her husband made great hors d'oevures and a bbq dinner which we enjoyed on the deck over looking the water. Thomas got to take a swim in the bay and loved splashing! Sunday my sister was on call at the hospital so she spent the day at our house. She wanted to be closer should she get called in and we got an extra day with Aunt Jen. Thomas and Brent played in the pool and spent some quality time together while I went to the grocery store....somehow that wasn't as fun!

Swimming in the Chesapeake

It wasn't enough that Aunt Jen let me use my spoon in her salad. I had to stand on the table and put my hands in it!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I have decided that we need a family blog, one free of geek speak. Brent has done a great job but recently I've learned blogging is not as difficult as I thought. Granted, I did have to get some assistance from Brent this morning but over all I impressed myself! So here goes:

T will be one in four days. I can hardly believe it. I never really appreciated the sentiment "time flies" because well, it never seemed to, especially while I was pregnant and waiting! However, this past year has flown. He gets bigger everyday and continues to amaze us.

Brent is doing great at work. He recently completed a huge project for Amazon which was pretty exciting. They also realized what we all knew, he is fantastic, so they gave him a promotion. He is now a Lead Systems Engineer. I'm proud of him, he works so hard. I know he sacrifices so Thomas and I don't have to. We are both incredibly lucky to have him.

I have a busy week ahead of me. I have errands to run in order to finalize things for Thomas' party. Brent's mom comes into town Wednesday night and we have four full days of activities planned. We are looking forward to seeing her, it's been a long time! As someone who has never been to Washington D.C. it will be fun to show her our Capital and great state of Maryland.

On another note I have a update on my friend Sara! She is now out of ICU and doing so well. She takes "hikes" as her husband calls them at least once a day and has less decorations. She is still in a lot of pain but we hope it lessens with every day.