Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh Whata Night...

Bed time is not a quite time in our house. It usually involves a naked baby running down the hall escaping rushing waters and bubbles encased in an oh so inviting porcelain lagoon. Although, a long soak whispers my name, it has yet to lure my son. Upon capture and the confines of four walls, objects not glued down are thrown into the tub. I wondered tonight as I tried to duck and intercept where did this behavior come from? Sure, Brent and I are partly to blame but I am not sure I am willing to claim full responsibility. Of course, we encourage throwing, dunking, and kicking but only when a ball is present. Perhaps, it's the sound or the splash that makes it so appealing but I am more inclined to attribute it to the snakes and snails that this little boy is made of.

I am quickly accepting the expression "He is a boy". I always thought that was a ridiculous statement. "He's a boy", well, obviously! Does that make the spiting, climbing, throwing ok? Does that phrase help me tolerate, ignore or foster the energetic behavior of my son?

The answer is no. However, I have come to appreciate there may be some truth in it. There just is something in his genetic make up that makes him want to play with ants, climb as high as he can get, and jump in puddles till he is soaking wet. I personally, call for reinforcements when a bug needs to be disposed of, crawl back in bed when it's raining and try to keep both feet on the ground in attempts to avoid injuries. Where else would he learn such things?

Often when his actions can be interpreted, by others, as unruly I am relishing the moment. Even if I am soaking wet. I love that he is learning by doing, testing the limits and can't sit still. He is amazing. I love that he wants to be outside twenty four hours a day, likes to run down hills as fast as little feet will go, and tries to throw golf balls into the gutters. After all, aren't the best lessons learned from experience?

Who wouldn't love puppy dog tails when you hear your son try to say I Love You for the first time or when he grabs your hand so you can help him uncover uncharted territory, or when he sits on your lap to watch Bob The Builder. Our life isn't dull and I don't anticipate having a quite house but that is ok because there are moments with my little guy that are filled with sugar and spice.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a difference a year makes...

It's amazing that we are doing things for the second time as a family, a whole year later. This year was different from last, as it should be. This year, the stroller was no match for a 21 month old little boy filled with determination and wonder. He could hardly contain himself, there were too many temptations calling him and by no means was he going to experience this amazing place inside a carriage. He needed to be free to see where his little feet would lead him. We needed to be close by to narrow and navigate his path.

His eyes conveyed all that we needed to know. He was taking it all in. Silent at first, absorbing all that was before him. Learning through observation (this tends to be his style). Eventually, a sign language "more" with the word quickly following. He was tickled that these "things" we read about every night exist. In real life. Shrieks and bouncing reinforced our hunch. We spent most of our time watching a 5,000 pound Elephant get a bath. I think T could relate to the daily scrub down, minus a big hard brush and strong spray from a hose. Although, there are times after a long day outside I could use them!

What could be better than a tickled pink little boy, thinking he is much bigger than he is, at the zoo? A tickled pink little boy, at zoo, watching his most favorite thing (right now), diggers. They are doing a little or rather large remodel. The Elephants are getting a new home. We had a birds eye view (pun intended) from up above as the bulldozers, cranes and diggers moved large amounts of dirt. Workers in yellow hard hats built concrete steps using tools. This scene (straight from a Bob The Builder) was memorizing. T had seen them before but actually working, moving dirt, was a whole new concept. I think all these struggling home builders should start charging admission to watch them construct a house. I am sure they would make a small fortune off of toddler boys and their love of big yellow equipment. We certainly weren't the only parents at the fence.

We moved onto the monkeys. Swinging from ropes, best friends entertained themselves. He was interested but the statues won his affection. Hugs and kisses. Gentle pats to the baby cradled in his mother's arms. T was quick to share that the gorilla even had eyes and a month. Imagine that! We could have spent hours in the bamboo cave that held these two gentle creatures.

We visited the little farm, the lions, the tigers and even the prairie dogs. We fit in the all the good stuff on a beautiful day. Nothing makes me happier than spending time with my two guys. They fill my heart and make me smile.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hippy Hoppity

Happy Easter!!

The Easter Bunny came to one of our playgroups this week. Thomas loved him.....he watched his every move. He had a deep appreciation.....as long as he was beyond arms reach. When it came time to sitting on his lap his love faded. The Easter Bunny was a little scarier up close. There was no way he was leaving my side. Even with me holding him, you can tell he still isn't sure. Oh well, maybe my little one is more of an observer, this Easter anyway.

We had a fun week. We visited Bunnyland where we spent a long time at the petting zoo, took a hayride, went down the slides, sat on tractors (his favorite), and played in park. Whew! Our Easter eggs are all cracked but beautifully colored. Thomas did a great job. The cupcakes are being gobbled up....by all of us although, if Thomas had his wish they would all be his. Thomas' Easter basket was filled with Matchbox Cars this morning! His favorite. He wouldn't share them...too cute.

Here are a few pictures from the past week!