Sunday, May 31, 2009

Over The Moon

This is one of Thomas' favorite books. He knows where to find the mouse on each page and before doing so he always poses the question "Where'd it go?" and delights that he knows the answer. It's a simple pleasure.

Needless to say he was memorized by the scene, the puppets, the narration and music. He sat motionless on Brent's lap with eyes wide open. I would ask, "Thomas, do you see the mouse?" and a small nod was all he could offer. It was his first theatrical debut and I have to assume he was quite impressed. Our local theater house offered this production based on the book by Margaret Wise Brown. They did a fabulous job, both with the set and telling the story. It was the perfect length and the kids didn't have to be quiet. We had a great afternoon, the three of us, experiencing yet another "first" in Thomas' life.

It makes me so happy to introduce T to different things; a new park, puddles after a big rain storm, books, a live production, music, and yes, even bugs. It's amazing to see him learn and find excitement. I am trying to be present in every moment and appreciate every feeling because time passes too quickly. My little boy is growing up.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

All In A Days Work

Thomas loves his lawn mower. We don't limit it's use to the yard, in comes in the house, is driven on the street and even goes to playgroups. He jumps at the chance to help Pop mow. Together they fill their noisy machines with gas, press the buttons and pull on the cords to make them start. Thomas takes his position behind my Dad and they make their tracks across the yard. T works so hard to maneuver his, as it's a little too low to the ground and gets stuck in the grass. I wonder if the engineer at Fisher Price was napping the day the product passed inspection because it doesn't work great when it's used in it's intended environment. Oh well, I try to keep his frustration to a minimum with a little guidance.

He watches my Dad and turns around (even if he is in the middle of the yard) just as he does. Mimicking the tilt back on the handle, lifting the front of the mower off of the ground and proceeds to spin it (almost one handed) like he has been doing it for years.

He completes the whole front yard, backyard and one side and then tuckers out. Leaving a very small portion for Dad to finish without a shadow.

The smell of fresh cut grass in the air and distinctive lines are markers of a job well done and my two landscapers wait anxiously for days to pass so they can do it all over again.